Stinky Pete's Claim  LbNA # 42891

Placed DateAug 18 2008
LocationProvo, UT
Planted ByPine and Apple    
Found By Moo Poo
Last Found Apr 27 2009
Hike Distance?

*Note: Bring a flashlight.
First-finder’s prize!
Difficulty: This requires a 45-60 minute hike of moderate difficulty to get to the site, but with plenty of spots to rest. Hiking back out is much easier (all downhill) and only takes about 30 minutes.
Start at the Rock Canyon Trailhead in Provo. You can get there by turning East onto North Temple Drive from 900 East. North Temple will become 2300 North as you stay on it. Follow 2300 North until it leads to the Rock Canyon Trailhead (there will be a sign). Hike up the trail. When you come to the fork in the path, go right. After a while you will reach a bent-up metal fence. Go around it and keep hiking up the trail.
Eventually you will come to a huge gray rock off the left of the trail. This is a good place to rest for a ¼-of-the-way break. Keep hiking and you will come to a drinking fountain on the right. Stop for a drink—it’s really good water!
Keep hiking and eventually you will come to a wooden bridge on the left. Go across it and look for Pooh’s Thinking Log on your left. Keep hiking and cross another wooden bridge. As you continue on, you will pass some large, rusty pipes sticking out of the ground shaped sort of like a “T.” You are getting closer! Cross two more wooden bridges and get ready to count. Take 115 steps after crossing the 4th wooden bridge. Go left off the trail across the creek bed (you can see a faint path) until you reach level ground again. To your right you will see the entrance to the mine! From the mine’s entrance, take out your flashlight then take seven steps in. Look to your right and you will see a small recessed space. The letterbox is hidden at the back under some rocks. Please be careful, but explore the mine if you like once you’ve found the box. All the tunnels have been blocked off before they go to far. The ground drops a little a few yards in.