Silence of the Lake  LbNA # 42859

Placed DateAug 18 2008
CountyOntario, CAN
LocationSilent Lake Provincial Park, Bancroft, ONT
Planted Bygrafton golfers5    
Found By Kenlaur
Last Found Sep 24 2008
Hike Distance?

Silent Lake Provincial Park is located on Hwy 28 between Apsley and Bancroft. We recommend you camp and stay a few days, however if you can only go for the day make sure you plan to spend most of the day. Take this hike then rent a canoe and appreciate the beauty and silence of this great place.

There is a cost of around $12.00 for a day use visit but well worth the money

This is our first attempt at hiding a letterbox and carving a stamp. Since we were camping for a few days, it seems we forgot a few items for the box. We left our ink pad, but it is very close to dry, so we recommend you bring your own. Also, we forgot a notebook so we put some plain paper lose in the box. If you think you may be the first person to look for the box, could you bring a paper clip or stapler and put the papers together.


When you arrive at the park pick up “A Guide to the Trails of Silent Lake Provincial Park” and find the trail that is name for the horse that drowned in this pond while skidding logs across its less than completely frozen surface.

This is a 3km hike through some very beautiful areas of Silent Lake. It says, this hike should take about 1 ¼ hours to complete, however, it took us over two hours to complete while hiking with three boys and the youngest being two. A spectacular lookout point is the highlight of this trail and is the location of this letter box.

Follow this trail to the scenic look-out which is about 300 metres from the original trail. Once at the look out you will see 3 rock faces with the middle one having a tree growing out of it.

Stop a moment to enjoy the view. It is breathtaking!

Standing at the furthest rock and facing the lake, look to your left. You will see a small hollow or depression surrounded by trees. At the back of this hollow, closest to the lake, there is a double trunk tree.

The box is located at the base of this tree between it and another tree behind. The box is covered with pine straw, leaves and sticks.

Please take the time to hide the box in the same location covering it well.

We recommend you bring your lunch and enjoy while at the lookout.