Alton Baker Park Series  LbNA # 4285

Placed DateJun 7 2003
LocationEugene, OR
Found By Team Springamajack
Last Found Sep 4 2005
Hike Distance?

Alton Baker Park Series
Planted: June 7, 2003
Last Checked: November 13, 2003
Last Known Status: Box number four is reported missing, and box number one has been reported wounded, but the others are alive and well!
Difficulty: My GPS told me that walked about 4.5 miles, on a flat paved path. It took us about 1 hour, 45 minutes.

This is a four-box series I planted to commemorate two things: 1) A beautiful park in Eugene, and 2) My first year of law school! I plan on adding a short summary of each of these four famous cases, but for now, I only have the clues to the boxes. Enjoy!

PS -- I hate to say this, but I need some incentive for the Portlanders to take a trip down the valley. There may be an "east-coast surprise" waiting for the first person to complete this series!

Box #1: Erie

Erie Clues:

Starting at the "sun," (N 44 03.406; W 123 04.976 -- sorry, I just HAD to play with my new GPS), head SE on the footpath following the river. Near the covered picnic tables, stay on the paved path. At the intersection near the boat ramp, from between two stop signs, walk 50 paces at 150 to a tree of six.

Brown Clues:

Continue on the paved path you were walking on. Less than 1/2 mile later, you'll hit the Autzen footbridge. From the manhole at the end of the bridge, walk 16 paces north. Take the side path to the west for 37 paces. On your right is a cluster of old trees -- look in the puniest of them for the box.
Box #2: Brown v. Board

Box #3: Rose of Aberlone
Rose of Aberlone Clues

Back on the paved path, continue following the river. When the path splits, stay closest to the water. Over a mile after box #2. just before I-5, take the gravel path North. Near the end of the gravel (just before you hit the mini river), find the yellow warning pipeline. From here, walk 20 paces at 35 to a plant with lots of branches (sorry, I don't know plant names!).

Box #4: Swinton v. Whittinsville Swinton Clues

Take the bark path following the mini river to the Northwest. Follow the path almost a mile until you reach the lake. At the Southeast corner of the lake, under the point of teh Wha-Lik Rock, lies the fourth box.

Back on the paved road, head South until until you get to the river. From here, head West, back the way you came.