Moooving Along  LbNA # 42802 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 16 2008
LocationCincinnati, OH
Planted ByWild-n-Wacky    
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Last EditedNov 25 2015

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In Honor of: Dorie Johnston

Location: Ault Park
Difficulty: Easy/Moderate
Distance: 1/2 mile
Bring: Pen/Pencil, Ink Pad, Compass, a good friend :-)

This letterbox is in honor of my good friend Dorie. She lived here in Cincinnati for 11 years and now is moving out west to Colorado. Cincinnati will never be the same. She is the kind of person who can brighten a room just by walking in. She has a passion for helping people. Her hands are always busy … giving a hug, making a delicious dessert, or writing an encouraging note. Her smile is contagious. Her kindness is everlasting. And her love unending. I count it a privilege to be her friend. May someone as amazing touch your life.

· This letterbox is located in Ault Park in Cincinnati, Ohio.
· Begin by entering the park from Observatory Road and follow the main loop to the first parking lot on your right.
· Cross the street and find the Ault Park Gardens sign, this is where your hunt begins. (located beside the Japanese Pagoda Tree)
· Follow the sidewalk in a south-easterly direction…… At the Y in the sidewalk, follow the path to the left for approximately 16 paces.
· Head due south for approximately 33 paces. If “your feet are wet”, you are in the right location.
· Facing west, look across the lawn and follow the stairs on your left. Proceed down this set of stairs.
· On the bottom step – standing in the middle, head to the drinking fountain at a heading of 255 degrees. (It is nearly hidden by a tree.)
· At the drinking fountain – Follow the staircase to the lower level.
· Choose the trail at your immediate right, cross over approximately 38 cracks in the sidewalk.
· At this point, take a heading of 180 degrees for 20 paces.
· Once again – you should be face to face with a set of stairs. Proceed down 12 steps.
· Head 120 degrees and follow the dirt trail until you see a little stone bench.
· Although benches are usually for sitting… Stand on this bench to look above. For what you seek in not below but over & above.
· Please carefully hide the letterbox where it was found. Watch for people passing by. . Have fun.