Ships in the Night  LbNA # 42709 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 2 2008
LocationMiddletown, RI
Planted ByDraco & Dandy    
Found By Draco & Findforget
Last Found Aug 2 2008
Hike Distance?

Purgatory Chasm

This geological phenomenon is caused by a thin crack in the ledges on the east side of Easton Point; centuries of erosion caused by the sea have led to the formation of the fissure.


Find where Purgatory Road, Sachuest Point Road and Tuckerman Avenue meet and follow the Purgatory Chasm sign to the small parking lot (right after the intersection).

Enter the path near the “Open from Sunrise to Sunset” sign.

Look to the right for a bridge that spans the chasm and offers great views into the fissure!

Back on the main path, walk straight onto the rocks and stand in the center of the huge puddingstone, being careful of the edge!! You are looking out at Sachuest Bay to the left and Easton Bay to the right and further out, straight ahead is the Rhode Island Sound leading you to the Atlantic Ocean.

If you are standing in the right spot then you will be able to site Second Beach’s Surfer parking lot at 30° to and a huge rock, Dandy said it looked like a beached whale, at 200°.

Once you are in the right spot turn to 230° and site a large rock directly in front of you. The southeast corner of the rock is the perfect height to sit on. Look down under the ledge for rocks that do not belong to find the sail boat. Be sure that you cover the box carefully. There are three stamps and three ink pads so your sail boat stands out on the water!