BumbleBees  LbNA # 42673

Placed DateAug 9 2008
LocationWake Forest, NC
Planted ByTheFabFour    
Found By Turtle Troopers
Last Found May 11 2014
Hike Distance?

Flaherty Park
1226 N. White Street
Wake Forest, NC

You will need your own stamp pad! Enjoy a one mile walk around a beautiful lake! This is the perfect park for a family outing! There is a great playground and the lake is packed with fish! You also have the perfect spot for a picnic lunch!! Enjoy!

Start your walk at the FOUR LARGE ROCKS!

Stroll down the paved path and follow the slight bend to the right!

Now, wind to the left!

Skip a rock across the glassy lake!

Up ahead is the perfect spot for a picnic with the dragonflies and bumblebees!

Do you see the clearing alongside the lake?

Spread your blanket and take a seat, the tall grass will tickle your feet!

From your picnic spot (and facing the lake) follow the FISHERMAN’S TRAIL to your right!

Continue on the winding trail along the bank until you find THREE ROCKS PEAKING THROUGH THE EARTH AT YOU!

From the rock closest to the lake take SIX STEPS to the LEANING PINE!

Above the base of the pine you will find a weathered old stump that holds your prize inside!

Happy Letterboxing!

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