See the World  LbNA # 42672

Placed DateAug 9 2008
LocationWake Forest, NC
Planted ByTheFabFour    
Found By the flory family
Last Found Apr 3 2009
Hike Distance?

Are you ready to See the World?!!

Park on S. White Street at Owen Avenue in Downtown Wake Forest. You will need your own stamp pad!

Canada: Start by taking a barrel OVER THE FALLS!

England: Depart Canada and cross the seas to enjoy a SPOT OF TEA!

NYC: Paddle across the “Great White Atlantic” to the eastern seaboard of the USA! Grab a foot-long at Coney Island!

Carolina’s: Head down the “coast” to the Carolina’s! Have A TASTE OF THE CAROLINA’S and you’ll never want to leave!

Mexico: Cruise on down and cross “the border” to Mexico!

Italy: Hop a flight from Mexico and travel W/NW to Italy! Be sure to cool off with a GELATO treat when you arrive!

Leave Italy and walk straight ahead to the gazebo, you will find yourself looking out onto the MARKET GROUNDS.

A lonely lamp on the west side of the grounds holds your PASSPORT STAMP!

You will find it buried at the west corner of the concrete base!

Happy Letterboxing!

Please be sure to re-seal and re-place the box completely! If found damaged please contact us through or e-mail: