roots and water  LbNA # 42598

Placed DateAug 7 2008
Locationseattle, WA
Planted Bypeeps    
Found By F+J Price
Last Found Jul 15 2012
Hike Distance?

start at the parking lot for the community center on 35 ave NE. take the path behind the community center. there should be a creek on your right. when you get to the fork in the path there should be a bridge on ether side of you. take the left bridge over the creek continue down the path tell you see a row of cut logs along the path. Just before this you will see a creek crossing with large Grey stones on both sides of it. jump the creek and go up the path and a round the evergreen trees on your right, remember the its very steep at this point and easy to slip. you'll see a double trunked tree with very large roots beneath a pile of sticks behind the tree just down the hill overlooking the creek is were you will find the box.