Dig It!  LbNA # 42570

Placed DateAug 8 2008
LocationFort Custer Recreation Area, Augusta, MI
Found By Merlin and Ardea
Last Found May 30 2016
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 13 2015

Last Checked - 10/1/2014
Status - Open for Business
New stamps and log books as of 10/1/2014.
Thanks to twofreetimers for carving the stamps.

“Dig It!” Letterbox Clues

These three boxes were originally planted for the Michigan 2006 Fall Mystery Gathering, subtitled "The Cereal City Circus."

A few additional notes:

• Much of Fort Custer Recreation Area is open to small game hunting in the fall. The ranger assures us they have not had an accident between a hunter and a hiker, but please be careful out there!
• Many of the trails at Fort Custer are shared with bicyclists and horses – watch for road apples and step to the side of the trail when bikers come through.
• There is a lot of poison ivy in some areas of the park, so be careful as you hike and seek these letterboxes.
• In season, the mosquitoes can be yucky.

“Dig It!”

Number of Boxes: 3
Carved & Placed by: cerealcityboxers

Hey! Can you "Dig" going on an adventure? If you eat a little "Sugar" you might be able to "Bear" a little exercise. Does letterboxing give you a "Buzz?" If you're ready, then follow us on a grand adventure in three parts.

This quest begins at the northwest corner of the picnic shelters parking lot. It is the next driveway past the beach driveway. Park as soon as you go past the sign that reads "Parking Permitted In Designated Parking Lots Only." For this outing you will be hiking a segment of the green trail, mostly flat. A moderate stroll on this segment takes 50 minutes. Since you will be following directions and stamping in, we suggest you allow 90 minutes to complete this series.

"Can you 'Bear' the excitement?"

Walk back out the driveway the way you drove in. 50 steps to the left of the stop sign and across the road is the trail access point. Walk to the trail marker a few steps off the road. Follow the green trail to the left, starting in a westerly direction. Currently, there is a green number 11 on the sign post. Soon, as you follow the trail, you will see water on your left. (A lot less water than there used to be) Keep marching. You will reach an area of clear cut logging (now an area of mature weeds). After this area, march along the trail until you reach an old concrete road. The trail sign post at this point currently has a green number 12 on it. Turn right on the concrete road and tramp 35 steps to an intersection. Turn left and continue on the path to the end, where there is a fence preventing you from walking onto the highway. At the fence, look right. Under some bark, beneath a lone spruce tree about 30 steps away, is "Sugar Bear." Please re-hide and cover carefully.

"Can you "Dig" it?"

After you find Sugar Bear, go back to the green trail. Stay on the trail as it parallels the highway for a while. Along this stretch you will see why there is a lot less water in the pond these days. The Park has decided Michigan has enough wetlands for our migrating birds and has destroyed the beaver dam that was creating the pond. The water is 3 feet lower than it used to be. Go figure. There are no boxes along this stretch of the trail (that we are aware of) so keep hiking until you turn away from the highway on the other side of the pond. At the big bike jump (with a cut-out for the less adventurous) turn around and go back the way you came from, but only about 27 steps. On the left, about 6 steps off the trail, you will spy a split stump, from 10 to 15 feet tall. See if you can find "Dig 'em" in the stump. Please re-hide and cover carefully.

"Get the latest "Buzz!""

Back on the green trail, continue for a short ways until you come to the concrete road again. If you look left you will see the road emerging from the pond. Follow civilization west until it turns south. Just after turning south, to the west is a partial stump. Do you hear a buzz? Look in the crotch, not the hollow stump. Carefully re-hide so future boxers can enjoy this quest.

To return to your car, either follow civilization out to the main road or go back to the green trail, make a right, and follow the green trail out to the main road (the trail takes you through some beautiful mature spruce trees and later some lovely mature white pines). In either case, at the main road, turn left and hike the road back to your car. For safety's sake, walk single file on the left side of the road facing oncoming traffic. Thank you for making sure these boxes are well hidden so the next boxer may enjoy finding them.

Clues updated 10/1/2014