The Butterflys Letterbox  LbNA # 42551 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 8 2008
LocationMonterey, CA
Planted ByKittyKat    
Found By Swansinger
Last Found Sep 21 2008
Hike Distance?

In downtown historic Monterey, is a lovely old park called Friendly Plaza. Your hunt begins at the northwest corner of the park, at the corner of Jefferson and Pierce Streets.

On Pierce Street across from the historic Casa de la Torre go through the first entrance to the park between the stone pillars. The owner of this letterbox is a frequent visitor at Casa de la Torre. Once inside the park, go down 4 steps and a little further on, go down another 4 steps. Then follow the path to the water fountain. You will find benches there to enjoy the scenery. Be sure to smell the roses.

From the water fountain, walk around the big tree in the circular planter to the monument in front of the great redwood tree. Be sure to read the plaque about how the redwood tree seed flew to the moon and back. That’s why they call this tree the Moon Tree.

Facing the plaque, look behind you over your right shoulder and go up the steps through the secret path. Walk around to the left towards the Great Seal of the State of California which is in the brick walkway. Be sure to look up at the big, stone building called Colton Hall. This is where California’s first Constitution was signed on October 13, 1849.

Now look around you for Momma Bear and her two cubs. It’s fun to climb on the bears. When you’re finished playing with the bears, go to the rear end of Momma Bear and walk towards the large tree in the grass (NOT the pine tree next to the bears). Run across the grass to the archway. Walk through the arch, down the walkway and around the corner to the first set of steps on your right. Walk down the steps and across the patio to the next set of steps with the white stripes. Go up the steps and cross to another set of steps next to the light and go down. The stone building on your left is Monterey’s first jail built in 1855.

Time to backtrack to the large, green bush on your left between the two sets of steps. Look inside the large hole in the bush facing the building. Under some branches, you will find your letterbox.

I hope you had fun with my letterbox. I hope you also have fun with finding others.