Three Classes  LbNA # 42488

Placed DateAug 1 2008
LocationKalamazoo/Otsego, MI
Found By KzooAlohaDreamers
Last Found Apr 24 2015
Hike Distance?

Three Classes
These three letterboxes cover three years (twins included) in a family of 4 Otsego students.
To get to Alamo Township Park where the boxes are located, you take US 131.

Heading North on 131:
Take the West Main exit/exit 38 to the west heading towards South Haven. Then follow West Main (M-43) until you reach 6th Street on the right (north) side of the road. Once you are on 6th street you will go about 4 or 5 miles to DE Avenue. You can only turn left on DE Avenue, the park is just a little way down on the right. When you see the entrance with the Alamo Township Park sign don’t enter there, go down to the second entrance.

Heading South on 131:
Take the D Avenue exit/exit 44. Go west (turn right) on D Avenue. Take D Avenue until you get to the 2nd 4-way stop and then turn left (south) onto 6th street. DE Ave is about a mile down on the right. Once on DE Avenue the park is down just a little way on the right. When you see the entrance with the Alamo Township Park sign don’t enter there, go down to the second entrance.

*Hints to make your find less stressful: Depending on time of day bug spray might be needed. There is also some poison ivy but it is easy to watch out for if you know what you’re looking for. Lastly, be cautious there might be little league games going on so don’t forget to not raise suspicion.

Class of 2013 Stamp #1 of 3

This letterbox is in honor of the Otsego class of 2013 and the Otsego Bands. Otsego middle school has a 6th grade band, a 7th grade band and an 8th grade band. Otsego High School has a concert band and a symphonic band. The high school bands take trips Walt Disney World to perform. The band program is very important to Otsego Schools. The bands are lead by Mr. Piersma and Mr. Morrison. They are well liked by most all of the band students and make learning how to play their instruments an enjoyable school activity. So we honor the hard work and time put into the Otsego Bands!


Start your journey by parking outside the second entrance in the small parking area. Once inside the park you will see a dirt road/path. Follow it north. Walk along the tree line and it will turn into wood chips. You will then see the Rector Nature Trail, this is the path to follow. Ahead in the distance you will see something made of wood that will bring you “to the other side”. Half way across sit and rest a while on the bench and watch the water flow by. Once on the other side go to the end of the path. Now, do you go right? Do you go left? To find the box you actually have to turn and go back the way you came. Looking at the bridge go around it on the right and look underneath in the corner. Here under some brush/leaves you should find the stamp made to honor the class of 2013 and the Otsego Bands.

Class of 2015 stamp #2 of 3

This letterbox is dedicated to the Alamo elementary class of 2015 as well as the Otsego class of 2015 as a whole. It was first put together for a school project for the students to learn how to letterbox in the 5th grade. We did not want the stamp to go to waste so we have decided to plant it in honor of the class. So, let’s see if this box is as easy to find now as it was then!

Clues: After you have found box #1 if you continue on the path, you will have a decision to make. Follow the arrow that will “char the rock”. As you walk you will see a large quadruple trunk tree on your right. Now you are getting close. Walk about 16 paces more (pace=2 steps-if you start on your right foot count every right step). Then stop and turn to your right. You will see some bushes in front of you. Behind the bushes is the base of a tree long since uprooted. Once you are at the tree stump, on the left side you will find a perfect letterbox hiding hole. You will find letterbox #2 hiding in the hole under some leaves.

Class of 2017 box #3 of 3

Our last of 3 letterboxes is dedicated to the Otsego class of 2017 and the Otsego color guard. The color guard is a vital part of the Otsego marching band. The marching band is known for great performances in competitions against other high school bands. Marching band is something that bonds the band kids together and therefore they work for a higher goal together. Part of the high school marching band is the color guard section. Spinning their flags, rifles and sabers is all part of the job. Color guard adds some extra creativeness to the otherwise old school marching show.

Once you have found box #2, come back out to the trail from the tree stump and turn left to go back the way you came and then immediately turn right on the path towards the "eagle crossing' built with help from a student from the Otsego class of 2013. Continue across and follow the path until you have to make a choice. Make the "right" choice. Follow along until you see the place to sit and soak up the beauty. After the rest continue walking___ paces(before the path turns to the right), turn to the right and see a large tree that looks like it striking conversation with lightening. Go to the tree and through the gate made of branches and find box #3 in the lightening crack behind some bark and small chunks of branches. Make sure to cover it back up and hide it well after you are done with it. Go back to the trail and head left. Follow the path straight until you come back out at the baseball files.

These 3 boxes honor parts of all 4 of the children in our family and their past and participation with Otsego Public Schools.