Ivan Stark's Hidden Treasure  LbNA # 42390 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 30 2008
LocationCorning, NY
Planted ByStar-Crossed    
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Ivan Starks Hidden Treasure
Hidden by: “Star-Crossed”

A clue was found missing on 8/20/08 and replaced in the same location on 8/24/08. Sorry for any confusion.

It has been said that the credit for the discovery of North America should not entirely go to Christopher Columbus since the area was most likely visited numerous times by Vikings from Greenland. One such Viking went by the name of Ivan Starks. Ivan was said to be one of the most brutal and wealthiest Vikings and was known for his savage attacks on unsuspecting villages. The purpose of these assaults was not to murder any of the townspeople but rather to pillage and escape with their most valuable possessions. The area which is now Spencer Crest Nature Center is said to be the final resting place of Ivan Starks and the location of his hidden treasure. Ivan’s body was said to have been devoured by the creatures that live in Amelia Pond when he was betrayed by his own crew and tossed from his ship. His treasure, however, was not discovered until very recently…

Required Gear:
Long Pants, Hiking Boots, Compass
Estimated Time and Difficulty: 1 to 1 ½ hours. Moderate terrain.

From downtown Corning, turn onto Chemung Street and head up the hill. Chemung Street becomes Spencer Hill Road. Continue up Spencer Hill Road until you reach a four-way stop. Go straight through the stop sign and about one half mile on the left, you will see Spencer Crest Nature Center.

Once you have arrived at Spencer Crest Nature Center Start with your back to the Spencer Crest white sign. Head to the black locus tree at 350*, 25 paces. From the tree, head to the path at 60*. Continue down the path until you’ve reached the opening and you see 3 paths. Take the path furthest right. Continue on this path until you are in the opening. To your right you may see a picnic bench and the body of water where Ivan Starks met his demise. At 110* head to the wooden shed on the hill. Find the door on the Northwest side. Enter if you dare… Set your sights on the bee on the wall and follow his gaze to your 1st clue.
Facing the trail map at your new location take the path to the right that shares its’ name with the official New York State Tree. Take careful note of the Fibonacci walk. Continue down the trail until you reach the 14th marker of the Fibonacci sequence. Stand with your back to the marker and walk 27 paces at 220* to the broken tree, once home to a lonesome woodpecker. At this tree you will find your next clue. Remember or write down these numbers and return and continue down the path. As you come to the dividing paths, follow the sign labeled Lean-to. At the mouth of the lean-to, facing the woods, walk 9 paces to the fallen tree. In this stump is your final clue.