Tevony 1  LbNA # 42274

Placed DateJul 29 2008
LocationDoylestown, PA
Planted ByOmega    
Found By treasurehonas
Last Found Apr 1 2011
Hike Distance?

Location: Kids Castle, Central Park

Welcome to Tevony, an enchanted land of castles and dragons. Unfortunately, the Shadow Dragon, an old enemy of the king, is threatening the kingdom. In order to battle the dragon, you will need to find the ancient lightening gem. Your mission begins at the castle gates. Head down the trail to the left of the gates, leading to the bridge, the old home of a troll. Don’t cross over to the other side for that is the domain of the Werewolf. Head left, walking along the bank of the river, until you come to a dirt path. Travel down the path until you come to a tall tree, home of the Pixie Queen. Look for the stump behind the tree. Go to the stump. Stop and go right. You will come to sign. At the sign, turn right down a path. Cross the stream on a fallen log, This was the location of a great battle over the lightening gem. You are getting closer. Follow the bank to your left. You will come to a fallen tree that is still growing. The lightening gem is hidden in the hole on the top far right, behind a piece of wood. Once you have retrieved the gem, you are ready to battle the dragon.

Next, go back to the castle gates. Go into the castle and climb to the tallest tower in the center. Looking out over the kingdom, you will see a pavilion in the shape of hexagon. From the point on the top of the pavilion, draw an imaginary line to the ruins of an old torture chamber, atop the hill. All that is left are two white bars. Go to the ruins. Once there, go right until you come upon three stumps (the home of the three clans of the sprites) behind a bench. Sit upon the bench and look to your right, you shall see a path, heading into the black forest. The second you step into the woods, you will see a path splitting off to the right from the one you are on. Take that path. Quick, the Shadow Dragon is resting in the stump of a fallen tree. The stump rises six feet, and you’ll find the dragon hidden under leaves and wood.

Note: Please be secretive when replacing the dragon as you are in view of others walking down the trail.