Eco Kids  LbNA # 42221

Placed DateJul 28 2008
LocationSouthern Pines, NC
Planted BySilver Creek School    
Found By masterpiece
Last Found May 15 2009
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Eco Kids

The Weymouth Center is a non-profit facility located off of Connecticut Avenue in Southern Pines just past Ridge Road...555 East Connecticut Avenue. It is open to the public and there is no fee to explore the grounds.

Pull up the gravel driveway and park in the large open gravel lot. From your car, walk toward the right side of large house. You should see a sign that certifies the property as a Backyard Wildlife Habitat. From that sign, follow the brick path along the side of the house. Be sure to look up at the roof and notice the bee hive that has been placed there to help ensure the pollination of the garden now that bees in nature seem to be disappearing with little explanation. Consider for a moment what the world would be like with no bees! No honey, no flowers in your yard, no fresh fruits or vegetables for your table...the list goes on and on. If you see a bee on the rest of your stroll though the gardens, be sure to thank her and let her go her way (yes, the worker bees are the girls!).

Just past the bee hive, step onto the grass to your right and proceed to the “watch your step” sign. Go down the stairs and follow the gravel path until it becomes a grass path, then follow the grass path to the pond ahead.

Between the Studio building and the pond is a small concrete bench supported by two frogs. Have a seat on the bench and watch closely (and quietly) to see if you see any ACTUAL frogs in the pond. There are almost always frogs or tadpoles, depending on the time of year. You may also see dragonflies, butterflies, bees, lizards or possibly even a snake!

Notice also that there is a brick patio in front of the bench. The patio has a path leading from it toward the door of the Studio. Follow that path toward the Studio, the follow it to the right toward the garden gate. Just before the gate, on the right, glance down. You will see a large, flat rock among the plants in the garden. Be sure no one is watching, then peek under the rock. You should have found the Eco Kids!

Return to the frog bench with the box and inside you will discover children of the world all gathered around the earth and working together to ensure the preservation of the bees and all other creatures that need protection.

When you are done stamping, discreetly return the Eco Kids to their quiet garden spot. Be sure to carefully rehide the box, including putting leaves, dirt and debris on the rock so it looks as if it has been undisturbed for a long time.

We placed this box on Seth’s first day of Nature Camp at Weymouth Woods – but the Nature Preserve does not permit letterboxes, so we placed it here instead. This frog pond is one of Seth’s favorite places on earth!