The Stone Temples of Darden  LbNA # 42131 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 25 2008
LocationCharlottesville, VA
Planted ByThe Alien Squad    
Found By Buster Bunny
Last Found Sep 24 2008
Hike Distance?

August 2008: letterboxers have been stung by bees in this rock pile. Bee careful ;)

Enter Darden Towe Park off of Route 20 and drive along the road past the courts where the fuzzy green balls fly. Drive through the gate and make sure you take the "right" road. Park close to the stone building and walk past the place where the dogs run free on your left and onto the wide grassy path. Do not be distracted by the trail on your right. Take the second trail on your left. Walk down to where the big Evergreen grows and on the right will be a path leading into the woods. Step over the place where the paths cross and at the dead end, take a right. Stay straight on your path until you find the way to cross the water without getting wet. Once you cross the bridge take the path on the left and watch out for sneaky roots that try to trip! A fork will come in the path and once again, make sure you choose the "right" path. Be careful to not fall prey to the sloping steep banks and sand traps or you will end up wet and muddy. The path is windy and the trees are close. Jump over the ditch, you're almost there! Trek up the steep hill and on your right the temples loom. Behind the pyramid is another bed of rocks. Look for your hidden box on the back left end of the rock bed. Congratulations and please be careful to cover our box back up.