Glen Manor  LbNA # 41945

Placed DateApr 17 2008
LocationPortsmouth, RI
Planted Byaek    
Found By roscoe45
Last Found Nov 7 2014
Hike Distance?

These boxes will take you to the scenic Sakonnet River.
From 138 south, turn left onto Glen Rd. Follow to the stop sign which is towards the very end of the street. Turn right onto Frank Coelho Dr. and park in the Elmhurst School parking lot on the right above the playground. Park on the far left.

There is an opening into a field next to a telephone pole. Once in the field, walk toward a little white shed on the lower left. After crossing the field you enter a trail into the woods. Walk along the path to the far right until you see a chain link fence. Walk along the path with the fence along your right. The path should come out at the water. Walk right along the beach until you come to a washed out stone wall. Standing at the beginning of the stone wall facing the woods, you will see a tilted metal pole. About 10 feet up the path look for a chunk of rock on the right. About eight feet behind the rock is another rock next to a tree. The box is hidden behind the rock.

Go back the way you came, stopping at 2 log posts. Go through them and walk along a path to the right. You will be able to see the manor house above you on the left. Walk with the water on your right past the dock to a chain link fence. You will see a tree that appears to be split in half at the top. The tree is hollow at the base and the box is inside.