Millie's Espresso  LbNA # 41915

Placed DateJul 19 2008
CountyOther International
LocationUlaanbaatar, Mongolia, INT
Found By kalliflower
Last Found Jun 21 2009
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Millie's Espresso

We have lived in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia since 2000 and have followed Millie's Espresso, our favorite American restaurant, to three different locations. We placed this box in honor of their terrific food and service. It's also a great place for a cup of coffee - hence the name - so we recommend you find the box, take it inside for a nice cappucino or milkshake and do your thing! YUM!

WARNING: Some listings on the Internet about Millie's location are outdated. The restaurant is no longer located in a pink building but in the Marco Polo center across from the Choijin Lama Museum.


1. Ask your taxi driver to take you to the CHOIJIN LAMA MUZE or to UB MART (say "you-bee mart"). Millie's is across the street from the museum and behind UB Mart.

2. As you enter the Millie's front door you'll see several round tables to the right and ahead of you. We originally placed the box under the first round corner table on the right, but the last time we checked (June 2009), the tables had been moved and it was under the first round table by the door.

3. You can check like we did by "dropping" a pen and surreptitiously looking under the table when you pick it up. The box is velcroed to the center of the table. Also, no one will care if you decide to change seats, since it's open seating!

Millie's is a very busy restaurant at breakfast, brunch, and lunch, so be careful retrieving this box! They close at 7:00 pm, and there's very little traffic from around 4:00 pm on.

While you're there, take a look at the Choijin Lama Museum, which is really an old Buddhist monastery. It's beautiful and peaceful inside!

Bayarlala (thanks) and good luck!