Gone Fishin'!  LbNA # 41851

Placed DateJul 16 2008
LocationCelina, OH
Planted ByDa Resq    
Found By STiX22
Last Found May 30 2009
Hike Distance?

Have you ever had one of those "fed up" days when you've wanted to leave a note on the door that says "Gone Fishin'", pack up a few things and just take off to a quiet place? Grab the fishin' pole and the dog and let's go!

Gone Fishing is located in the West Bank boat dock area of the Park in Celina, Ohio. Take West Bank Rd. from 127 on the South edge of Celina, Ohio near the lighthouse on the lake.
Follow West Bank Rd. until you get to the boat docking area near the park. Turn into the last (South access) roadway. You'll be a little distance away from the docks, but the road leads back to them. If you get to the circle turn-around you've gone to far.

Turn on the road way that leads back to the docks and park in the very first space that you come to. You'll be facing the lake. You will see a paved bike path/hiking trail near the shore of the lake.

Get out of your car and walk to the path. Follow it to your right (South). Follow the path until you get to the fourth or fifth tree on your left. If you've found the right tree there will be a boulder between it and another smaller tree. Explore around the base of this boulder to find the little pooch who has Gone Fishin'!

Please be sure to hide him again well, and watch out for muggles!

Please have your pets spayed or neutered.