Madrone Tree  LbNA # 4184 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 5 2003
LocationNew Braunfels, TX
Planted ByWellAnchored    
Found By Desert_Warrior
Last Found Feb 17 2007
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Madrone Trail Letterbox

THE BOX HAS BEEN VANDALIZED. I have moved out of state. If you would like to take over this letterbox, please contact me.

About 17 miles Northwest of New Braunfels in the Texas Hill country on highway 306 at the Hancock Exxon turn Southwest onto Canyon Park Road. This road leads to Canyon Lake Marina. One mile down the road on the right is a small parking lot for the Madrone Trail. From the parking lot the trail leads 40 yards into the woods and splits left and right. The trail is an easy walk that loops back to the parking lot. The trail leads to a small wooden corral that circles a Madrone tree. (The Madrone is an unusual tree. The bark strips off and leaves a pinkish trunk.) The trail crosses a park road several times but you will want to stay on the trail. Blue markers on the trees indicate the trail. Follow the arrow to the right. Infrequently you will find posts with arrows indicating the trail. About a mile into your hike you will see a block building through the trees. Don't go there. The trail veers to the left. If you follow it correctly you will soon be rewarded with an arrow on a post. About 1/3 mile along the trail you will pass some fencing around a service area. A little over a quarter mile later you will find the corral circling the Madrone tree. Go to the left around the corral about a fourth of the circle. Walk a few yards uphill and look toward the lake. Find some large cactus up the hill. You will be standing among cedars. At one of the largest cactus plants look to your right. Walk about fifteen yards and you will come to five oak trees branching up from one source. Seven yards to your left is a set of four Oak trees with a burned stump at its base. Find the letterbox behind the stump.