Box needs first aid - see comments in Status page Diana's Baths  LbNA # 4141

Placed DateMay 23 2003
LocationNorth Conway, NH
Planted Bydonna    
Found By Roxygirl
Last Found Jul 7 2017
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Diana’s Baths Letterbox

Location: State: N H County: Carroll Nearest Town: North Conway

Planted by: Tweety and Mr. Coon 5/23/03

Difficulty: Very easy half-mile walk on such a well-packed gravel path that we think a view of the falls would be accessible by stroller or wheelchair. There are designated handicapped spots in the parking area.

Driving directions: From Rt 16 in North Conway turn west (left if headed north on Rt 16) onto River Road and continue over a couple of bridges and past the intersection with West Side Road ( stay right) and past the signs for Cathedral Ledge and at about two miles look for the brown sign for the parking area on your left.

Background: The baths are a jumble of boulders and potholes in Lucy Brook near what was an old grist mill site. This is the beginning of the Moat Mountain Trail, speaking of which we reccommend checking out the brewpub named for the aforementioned mountain. It’s just up Rt 16 a mile or two north of N Conway village and has interesting food and delicious beer. Mr. Coon suggests both the pale ale and the brown ale.

Directions to the box: Follow the path to the Diana’s Baths. Shortly after you cross the hockey stick bridge you reach what is actually T intersection with the old Moat Mountain Trail and the mill site is in front of you. Turn left and walk downhill sixty of my steps (paces, footfalls, whatever) being careful of the thirteenth step (off a retaining wall). Stop and look to your left for an odd (its roots enclose some rock) birch on the bank. The box is tucked between roots on the backside of the birch with the normal clump of small rocks over it. You should be far enough down the path from the mill attractions to dodge observation. There could be people coming up the path from downstream though. Be sure to head up past the mill site to explore the actual “baths”. The Moat Mt. trail which leads to junctions with some other trails also continues to the right .