Spooky Gettysburg I  LbNA # 41280

Placed DateJun 27 2008
LocationGettysburg, PA
Planted ByPonyFeathers    
Found By "cu-TEA"
Last Found Apr 20 2017
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Planted by Flynn-again and Pony Feathers

Ghosts of Gettysburg Shop
271 Baltimore Street, Gettysburg, PA 17325

This historic site is home to several entities. After author, Mark Nesbit bought the shop, the handymen he hired to remodel reported doors opening and shutting for them, strange noises, and other otherworldly happenings. They were only the beginning…

Visit the Ghosts of Gettysburg Shop on the corner of Baltimore Street and Breckenridge Avenue. Do not enter the shop from Baltimore Street. Instead, enter through the gate from the Breckenridge Avenue side. Walk to the left of the porch and to the back of the building.

Where the bricks meet the bed
stairs go up, but instead,
there’s a little Boo who beckons you
to look beneath the treads.
Bend and move two bricks with care.
The box you seek is under there.

If you come in the evening, please be aware that tours gather in the yard. You may want to linger to hear a ghost story or two, but please be discreet and wait to retrieve the letterbox.

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