Mouse in the Bushes  LbNA # 41236

OwnerLa Petite Souris      
Placed DateJun 26 2008
CountyOther International
LocationParis, France, INT
Found ByRoad Junkies (Attempted)
Last UpdateApr 29 2011


This is one of three mice at Parc Montsouris. Great for you and your children. These are fairly public, so be extra sneaky. Also, a compass might be helpful to you, though not essential.

Along the west side of the lake is a statue of two nude women conversing. Behind them, further west, is a double set of stairs. Climb the right hand staircase until you see a berry bush (blueberry?) near the top. The box is a cylindrical brown tin hidden under a ledge just to the left of the bush and behind a rock and some leaves.