Pinnacles Box  LbNA # 41150

Placed DateJun 7 2008
LocationSoledad, CA
Planted Bytabetha lynn    
Found By PuppyPals
Last Found Jul 18 2009
Hike Distance?

Pinnacles National Monument is an extinct, eroded volcano that is now a beautiful and amazing place to hike. This is an easy hike on a flat trail to get to the letterbox, about 1/5 of a mile, with only a couple small rocks to climb over (I did it carrying a 2 year old).
Clues: From Highway 101, exit in Soledad at West Pinnacles/146. Follow the signs to West Pinnacles. You will go through town and then out into the country over the hills. At the Ranger Station you will pay a $5 fee and get a trail map. Follow the Balconies trail. After about 1/5 mile, you will cross a wooden bridge and see a sign that says "3". You will cross another bridge and see a large boulder formation on your right with a small sign in front of it that says "Elephant Rock". Follow the path to the right and up a rocky dry creek bed. You will have to climb over a couple small rocks to get to the place where boulders cover the trail. When you walk under the boulder, immediately look to your right to see where the boulder overhead is being supported by another large boulder on your right side. Where the rocks meet you will see a crevice with some smaller rocks that are covering the letterbox.
I highly recommend doing the rest of the Balconies cave trail after finding the letterbox. Be sure to bring some water with you and a flashlight to go through the caves. Its about another 1.5 miles for the entire loop and you have to be able to duck down and scramble over the rocks (we did this with a 2 year old too, but it was a bit harder). Enjoy!