Sandy Cliffs  LbNA # 4109 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 31 2003
LocationWexford, PA
Found By Larva Lady-ZZ
Last Found Jul 28 2006
Hike Distance?

Placed May 31, 2003 - Rachel Carson Day

Sandy Cliffs of North Park

Hidden among the trees of North Park is a delightful and
often-missed surprise. The destination is incongruous,
yet striking - sandy orange cliffs, reminding one of a
scene from the southwestern U. S.

North Park can be approached from:

1) Wildwood Road South of the Pa Turnpike off Route 8.
2) Route 19 in Wexford
3) Route 910 in Wexford
4) Babcock Boulevard in North Hills

Once in the park the main intersection is Ingomar/Wildwood
Road. Hemlock Drive leads to the swimming pool. There are
plenty of signs. Turn Left at the pool onto South Ridge
Drive. Watch for signs for Pie Traynor Field. You can park
and proceed Right on the road past Black Rock, Perry, Woods
and Ellwood groves, or you can drive past them and park at
Lone Pine Field. The road you are on is a one way circle.
Across the road near the T look right and find the trail
marked by a concrete block. Go left and take an immediate
left. The trail forks right - yellow blazes will assure
you that you are on the right trail. Follow the trail
until you come to a large clearing. The letterbox can be
found behind you as you face the cliffs. Look for a
small clearing. There are (were) stumps scattered around.
Look for a large Oak Tree directly ahead in the woods. Look to the right of that Oak to find another with a dead tree lying in front. Voila!

You can continue forward and left on the dirt/gravel road.
You'll come out across Lone Pine Field as you have circled
(in the woods) the one-way road you started on.

Good hunting. Please E-mail me with your results.

Mensa Bob