Irma Kost Natural Area  LbNA # 4108 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 31 2003
LocationHampton Twp., PA
Found By Michaelb
Last Found Aug 8 2004
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Placed May 31, 2003 - Rachel Carson Day
(reported missing - 04-Jul-2003)
(replaced 29-July-2003)
(Updated 18-July-2004)

Irma Kost Natural Area

People remember Mrs. Kost for her 30 years of determined
independent work and skill in developing and maintaining
this area. She enlisted Scouts and other community groups
to participate. Volunteers still keep it up.

Specific highlights you can encounter in this area are a
great variety of birds in all levels of the forest, from
rufous-sided towhees on the ground or in the shrubs, to
several species of woodpeckers plus flickers along the tree
trunks, not to mention cardinals, song sparrows, titmice,
and many other songbirds. Botanical highlights include some
Lycopodium spp. (ground pine) on the upper reaches of the
eastern slope and witch hazel along the stream.


North on Route 8 from Route 28 - Pittsburgh or
South on Route 8 from Pennsylvania Turnpike.

Just South of Wildwood Road or North of the Green Belt
(Duncan Avenue). Turn East onto McCully Road. 1.3 miles
(down 3 hills) you'll see a gravel parking area on the left.
Enter the trail, cross 3 bridges and a small wooden platform.
When the trail branches in 4 directions (left, right, forward,
back), take the right branch. Count 7 yellow blazes.
(5 after the stream). Look right for a huge fallen log.
North (downhill) end. Voila. Good hunting.
Please E-mail me with your results.

Mensa Bob