Woodsy Walk  LbNA # 41077 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 21 2008
LocationHarrington Park, NJ
Found By DMC & Team
Last Found Nov 10 2009
Hike Distance?

Palisades Parkway, Exit 2 towards Alpine and Closter, follow road 502 through Closter. Turn right onto Schraalenburgh. Continue until you cross railroad tracks. Turn left onto Hackensack, right onto Lynn, left onto Pine Place and right into Pine Place cul-de-sac. Park at end of cul-de-sac.

This is a woodsy walk on a series of dirt trails behind a residential neighborhood. It will take you to a small pond and through urban deer territory. Wear long pants and insect repellant. The walk should take about half an hour and is only about half a mile long.

Box #1 Swan Song
Enter trail at end of cul-de-sac. Follow it left. At the first T stay left (straight ahead). At next intersection, turn left onto a small trail. Follow trail down towards the water. Stop after 80 steps. You should see a grandfather tree on your left. 6 steps more and look right to the 3 trunk tree a few steps off the trail. Behind it under leaves and twigs you will find Swan Song's nest.

Box #2 Rip Roaring Ride
Go back up the small trail to where you turned off. Go left and continue on the main trail. At the next large T intersection, go left. Turn left at the next fork. Pass between two trees close to the trail, and continue up into the sunlight and around the deadfall. Continue going right on the trail, around a tree in the middle of the road and right some more. You will come to a clearing straight ahead. Pass the jumpers' hump on the right. Go to the craggy, upright dead trunk straight ahead. Standing in front of it, imagine it is the 12 o'clock position on your watch. Look toward 10 o'clock. In the distance you will see a cluster of large rocks. Stand in front of the final tree you passed as you approached the rocks. Count three small boulders up towards the right. Look under the back edge of the wide rock next to it. The Rip Roaring Ride hides there under smaller rocks and twigs.

#3 Swan Sylph
Backtrack past the broken tree and turn right on the trail. Turn left at the next fork and stop when you reach the next T intersection. Look left at the big rock with its right end pointing skyward, about 30 steps off the trail. Look under that upward rock, under smaller rocks and leaves for the Swan Sylph.

Return to the trail and continue left. At the next T intersection turn right and return to your car.