Strange Stamps Series at Heritage Park  LbNA # 4104 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 31 2003
CountyLos Angeles
LocationSanta Fe Springs, CA
Found By MrOspital
Last Found Sep 23 2007
Hike Distance?

Heritage Park
12100 E. Mora Dr.
Santa Fe Springs
#1 box is missing 8/18/2004
#2 box is alive 8/18/2004
#3 box is back new spot 8/29/2003
Heritage Park is 1 mile east of the 605 (fwy) on Telegraph Road.
When you get to the park you will need to find the Native American Exhibit. Find the (Kiche) dwelling, go inside, as you exit the smaller back door look to your right. You will find a large rock with bushes behind it. Sit on the rock and the first box is behind the rock. After you have stamped enjoy the exhibit and continue on the exhibits trail over two wooden bridges which will take you to the end of the trail.
At the end of the trail is a large sign that has Tongva written in metal at the top of the sign.From this sign head north 27 paces to the next sign "A Lost Legacy". From this sign head 20 deg 35 paces to a very large tree. The tree is along the fence of the park. Your second box is in a hollow on the back side of the tree about five feet up, it is hidden under leaves and sticks. Please cover it back up when you have finished.On the east side of the tree is an old rusty fence post that is sticking out of the base of the trunk. You can stand on this post to see into the hollow. Please please recover the box when you are done. If you can't find this tree go to the windmill and find the plaque with the American flag on it. From the plaque the tree is in the direction of 290 deg.
Replaced 8/29/2003.NEW CLUE. For the third box go back to the windmill find the sign that is located at the corner entrance to the park. On this sign is the map for the Art & History trail, you will need to take this trail to the sculpture garden. The trail is across Mora Dr. Enjoy the sculpture garden, when you find the Snake Basket Fountain you will see a bridge in the direction of 50 deg. This is your next destination. Go over the bridge as you come down the otherside just before the bridge ends are tables one on the right side of the bridge and one on the left. Sit at the table on the left side as you are going down the bridge. With your back to the rail you should see the the Bank in front of you. Under the table top is a ledge at the center with a micro box hidden on it. This should be an easy remove as the table will conceal your retrieval of the box.
Your mission, have fun and not act too strange, Jam 'n Jelly