Get Fit and Stay Fit  LbNA # 40987

Placed DateJun 18 2008
LocationHilliard, OH
Planted ByGet Fit Crew    
Found By Praying Mantises
Last Found Jun 1 2013
Hike Distance?


Box #2 has been repaired and is back in place for all letter boxer's to enjoy.

These 2 boxes are located at the Hilliard Municipal Park.
Enter the park off of Scioto Darby Rd turning left into the park. As you turn you should see a sign for the Hilliard Soccer Fields on your left. Drive .2 of a mile and pass the soccer field. Drive another .2 of a mile and you will come to a sign for the Hilliard Municipal Park. Follow the arrows that point to the Ball Fields 5,6,7,8.
As you drive check out the cool skate park on your left.
Drive pass the #3879 shelter house on your left.
At the second Hilliard Municipal Park sign turn right and park your car facing the pond.
Walk to the bridge that goes over the pond, crossing over the bridge.
Stay walking along the path.
As you pass by the pond and come out of the tree coverered area on the path, look to your Right, you should see 5 head stones placed in memory of loved ones.
From this spot, count 90 paces along the woods and enter the woods on the path that will come up on your right. Walk into the woods along this path.
You are now looking for the large tree with a broken tree house in it, it is on your left.
The letter box is located at the base of the tree (with the tree house) by the large roots in a hollow log.
Please cover the box back up with leaves.

The second box
Exit out of the woods along the same path you just walked along.
Walk out towards the pool, crossing over the road.
Stop at the grass area, there is one large bush located across from the bridge over the pond in the grass area.
The letter box in located in the bush on the side opposite the pool under a pile of rocks.

Please repalce the rocks when finished.
Now go and enjoy all the fun things you could do at the park.
Happy hunting.