GRE 5th Grade Boxes  LbNA # 40961

Placed DateJun 17 2008
LocationDublin, OH
Planted ByGet Fit Crew    
Found By Kit Cat
Last Found Nov 9 2008
Hike Distance?

2 out of the 3 letterboxes have been taken or destroyed. We will have to repair and come up with a new location.

Location: Glacier Ridge Metro Park
9801 Hyland Croy Road, Plain City Ohio 43064

Letter-box #3 is under repair, we discovered the stamp missing on 7/10/08, we will replace it in Aug.
#1 and #2 are great.

Enter the park's main entrance at the roundabout opposite Glacier Ridge Elementary School.
Drive in past the red building on your left.
Drive about .6 miles and turn left onto the drive that leads to the climber and shelter house. Park in this lot near the climber.
Walk 60 paces East to the Flag.
Walk North along the path.
Walk along the Multi-Use trail to your left heading East now.
When you come to the intersection head right, (north).
As you come around the curve look to your right and you will spot a rusted truck in the woods.
Turn South (left) and look between the 2 trees that are connected, right off the path and you will find the first 5th grade letter box, by Mr. Knost's class.
Be sure to hind the box using the brush and branches.

Second Box
Turn back around and head West (the way you came from) on the multi purpose trail.
At the intersection continue straight going south now.
You are now under a conopy of trees.
Look for the bench to come up on your left, take a rest if you need.
Walk south 22 paces.
Look for the large tree that is shedding it's bark on your left. Hidden behind the tree trunk is the 5th grade box by Mrs. Colon's class.
Replace rock and branches back over and around the box.

Third Box
Continue South on the path for about an 8 minute walk, enjoy the beautiful park.
The path will curve around and you will be heading west now. You should see the shelter and climber on your left now.
Continue west on the trail.
You will come to a fork in the road head left (north) toward the climber.
Before you get to the climber keep your eyes open for a mowed path will come up on your right walk into the woods heading west.
You will come to a gravel part on the path with a stump to you left, from here walk 24 paces north looking for the tree with 3 trunks on your left.
From the tree walk 24 paces looking to the right to find a large tree trunk lying down in the woods, right along the path. Beware: there is some poison ivy around.
Walk on the tree trunk 6 paces, be carefull.
Look down and your should find Mrs. Cramer's letter box.
Be sure to cover up the box with the bark and branches.

Walk north along the path to exit out the woods, your car should be on your left.
Hope you enjoyed our 5th grade letter box art project.

Time it should take to complete this adventure 45 min.