We're off to See the Wizard  LbNA # 40852

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Placed DateJun 12 2008
LocationAberdeen, SD
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** We live in Ohio and a trip to South Dakota is rare, so any help with keeping this box up would be apreciated! Also would love to hear how it's doing!

Storybook Island is one of our favorite places ever. We've read the first 5 books of the L. Frank Baum Oz books, so our journey on the yellow brick road was almost magical to our 6 year old son. I guess Frank Baum based his books on his time living in Aberdeen:) Some little known facts from the book: Did you know that Dorothy's magic slippers were silver, not ruby? Also, the Emerald city is not really green inside...they wear green glasses or goggles to make everyone think it is.

Start your journey by entering Storybook Island at Wylie park north of Aberdeen. It's free:)

Enjoy the scenery, maybe take a ride on the train, and make your way to Wizard of Oz land. To get there you can go under (not over) the rainbow, and to the left of the castle. If the Oz shop is open beside the yellow brick road, it's best to go through "the tornado" to end up at Dorothy and Glenda. It was neat for us but too scary for our kids, so you can also just start at Dorothy.

Follow the yellow brick road to find your three friends: The scarecrow, tin woodsman, and lion. At the lion's den, exit out the other side and immediately look to the left of the tunnel. There should be a removeable rock in the bottom corner of the tunnel. Discreetly look behind it to find what you need! 3 handcarved stamps. Something to guide you to the emerald city, something you'll need to enter, and things your friends will need to help you on the way:)

PLEASE REHIDE WELL AS FOUND, AND BE SURE NO ONE SEES YOU. The Wicked Witch of the West has spies everywhere:) First Finders can keep the prize inside (the keychain)