Randolph Park  LbNA # 40833

Placed DateJun 12 2008
LocationDublin, VA
Planted ByGunnersRunners    
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Randolph Park

It's fun at the playground, but there is not time! Follow the trail that's right behind.

Your adventure begins here. You will need a quick wit. Continue your journey until the trail makes a split.

We hope you're not feeling blue. We want to inspire. Thinking green will lead to the fire.

Clues in stone are along the way, pay close attention to what they say.

When it feels like you've walked for 50 years, no sad faces, each step takes you closer....now take 10 little paces.

Let's follow a new trail and take in a show, but don't stay long there's still further to go.

Now sit on a bench, and use your head, look around for the trail, colored in red.

Follow the trail until you're black and blue. The dark trail will lead you to your next clue.

Stop at the water tower and look over your right shoulder. There you will find the box hidden under a boulder.