Come Rescue Me  LbNA # 40822

Placed DateJun 10 2008
LocationBattle Creek, MI
Found By Angel Winks
Last Found Nov 20 2010
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 9 2015

Come Rescue Me

For your starting point you will have to figure out where you are going by filling in the blanks with an animal. The first letter of the animal you come up with goes into the space and when you get them all figured out you will have spelled the name of the location of where the stamp is planted.

First Word:

__________I am a domesticated animal you can ride with or without a saddle.

__________I am a mythological creature, little girls love me.

__________I am used in science labs and biology classes, some people like me as a pet.

__________I make highly organized colonies & nest I like picnics.

__________I am an amphibian, my eggs are laid singly in ponds attached to plants.

__________I am an endangered animal, and I live in tall trees.

Second Word:

__________I am elongate reptile covered in scales, and I slither on the ground and on trees.

__________I am nocturnal, and I can rotate my head around.

__________I can have diferent lengths of hair and I can be adopted from this place.

__________I am a genus of lizards, I have a row of spines running down my back to tail, I have a third eye and have excellent vision.

__________I am the largest land animal alive today, and I have a long trunk.

__________I am a mammal, I could weight up to 600lbs, and I have dark vertical stripes.

__________I am yellow & black, I could sting you, and I have alternating band on the abdomen, I make my nest from wood fiber.

Now that you have figured outh the name of the location you pull into the driveway and on the right is a large pine tree, there you will find the prize.

Please be discreet and rehide.

The stamp looks a little chewd on because my neice's dog Keely got intom my tin can of stamps and started chewing on it. So I thought this would be fitting to plant this stamp here. She is a 3mo old yorkie.