Anniversary Cake  LbNA # 40812

Placed DateJun 5 2008
LocationBattle Creek, MI
Found By Stormetha
Last Found Apr 11 2014
Hike Distance?

Anniversary Cake

Anniversary Cake

This stamp is being place for my Mother & Fathers 50th Anniversary.

May 3, 1958 - May 3,2008.

My father passed away Dec 2000, I know if he was still here he would love to go letterboxing with us.

Your search begins at Memorial Park Cemetery. You enter off Territorial Road and take the road left of the building.
You will then turn left onto Parkview Circle Drive E.

You will take the road to the right at the Y and follow that toward the back of the cemetery and turn right. You will park your car and to the right is where my dad is buried. Straight ahead you should see a street sign that says Memory Lane & Oakview Drive.

You will stand at the sign and walk 43 paces SW then you will go 42 paces NW. You will pass a grave marker of Robin Bradford on your right.

Sit on the bench marked Dr. Jeffery James and the prize you seek is nearby.

Please be discreet and rehide carefully.