10 paces from Helms  LbNA # 40569

Placed DateJun 2 2008
Locationmonroe, NY
Planted ByCub Scout Pack 340    
Found By accbd
Last Found May 23 2010
Hike Distance?

Starting from the bus commuter parking lot, take the Heritage Trail about 1 1/2 miles towards Chester. Please take notice of the big tree that fell down on your right, looks like a great tree to climb. You will pass under route 17. It is an amazing amount of cement, you and everyone you are with should be a little taken back. Listen to how fast those cars are going. Look to your right after leaving the underpass, the country side is just beautiful. You can see for miles. After you pass the farm on your left, there will be an old cemetary a few hundred feet on your right. There are graves that go back over 200 years. Climb the four steps. Find the oldest grave, then find the newest. After you have discovered all kinds of neat things up there, find Elizabeth Helms gravestone. Walk 10 paces to a tree the looks like a big V. In the center of the tree will be our letterbox. This is our first one as a den, please leave your name so we know you were there.

Cub Scout Pack 340