*M*A*S*H*  LbNA # 40502

Placed DateMay 25 2008
LocationParis/Dover, TN
Planted ByInfluence Calls    
Found By Oh Shoot!
Last Found Feb 3 2016
Hike Distance?

To find this letterbox one should start at the Scott Fitzhugh Memorial Bridge near the Paris Landing State Park between Paris and Dover. The bridge may have a different name but Scott Fitzhugh Memorial Bridge was the name of the old bridge that was torn down in 1994. You can visit a section of the old bridge if you like. It is made of steel, painted blue, just north of the HWY, and between the marina and the lake. Back to the letterbox... from the bridge you need to travel west on the HWY that crosses the bridge. You will go under an overpass just west of the bridge. You need to turn right onto the first road you get to after you go under the overpass. As you travel up this road you need to look for a large olive green object that looks like it could have been on the show *M*A*S*H*. After you park you will need to go to the object and find its power source. If you are on the side with a fake gun welded to it you are on the correct side, if not, go to the other side. There is another object that the gun is aiming at that has more to do with the railroad than *M*A*S*H*. A search of that object should turn up what you are looking for.

You are looking for a small camo tube that has a small double ended stamp and log book. THE OWNER, JOHN, ASK THAT YOU ONLY SEEK THIS LETTERBOX DURING DAYLIGHT HOURS.