The Riverbox  LbNA # 40468 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 1 2008
Location???, NH
Planted ByHeaven's Treasures    
Found By ???
Last Found Sep 25 2008
Hike Distance?

The Riverbox

In eighteen hundred and thirty-six,
$30.00 was the land price fixed.
Stone by stone he earned his pay
To build a kennel for those astray.

Travel on south down his namesake follow,
Yes, travel on South through wooded hollow.
The right you want is an unpaved way,
Go a bridge too far and you pass KPCA.

Now disembark and stretch your legs
“Hunt for my treasure,” the forest begs
Make your first heading 310 degrees
From the latch that limits who enters and leaves

Walking past marsh, a right you must bend
Did you see the nice spot for a lunch to spend?
If so, please continue, to a fork you will go
From there twenty-two degrees is best, you know.

(If a compass you lack don't fear or fret,
You'll still spy a place to rest, I bet.)

Could you be weary and hoping to find
The end near in sight and the quest far behind?
Then rest a bit longer and enjoy God's sweet gifts
Of the joy of nature till your spirit lifts.

Now rise treasure seeker, on you must stride
Several yards down the way, let a bridge be your guide.
Look left, right, left, for some educational clues
Lest by vandal or weather the placards we lose.
First pass a source of some curious tea
Next, explain how ice cream lost its "ce"!
Last, reminisce on an old way to dye,
Before our destination begins to draw nigh.

Lo, before you lies a beautiful sight,
A picturesque bench! No, two! Which one's right?
Choose the one closest to a similar sign,
Who's tree one final heading will help us align.

Stand firm between trunk and flowing stream,
Fifty degrees is the bearing we deem.
Without the tool, you must hunt to see
The triangle rock 'neath waters edge tree.

Careful! Raging waters do frequently rise.
And rainy Springs may provide quite a surprise!
We want you to be safe as you lift up the stone
Guarding the prize (oh, make sure you’re alone).

Step back from the shore, you can stretch the link,
To pop the lid and avoid the drink.
Once stamps are placed and the ink is dry,
Snap the clips tight—you surely know why.

So your search is now over and treasure re-hidden.
Gloom is discouraged and depression forbidden.
Remember, dear hunter, we covet the chance
To have you join in our first letterbox dance!