Gnome-One Home  LbNA # 40458

Placed DateMay 30 2008
LocationUrbana, OH
Planted By
Found By Thing 1 and Thing 2
Last Found Jul 12 2008
Hike Distance?

Gnome-One Home is easy to find. Easy to drive, but made for walking. Round trip is approximately 1.25 miles.

In Urbana, Ohio, there’s a joyful gnome who found a nice home in a local garden. In addition to his garden-tending duties, he enjoys brisk walks, running small errands for the household and letterboxing. If you’d like to find his garden house and the letterbox he’s hidden, follow his daily walking route and you may catch up to him. Just listen for his jolly whistling tune…

In Urbana, begin at the The Depot Coffee House (644 Miami Street, six blocks west of Monument Square). The Depot is located just off the Simon Kenton Bike Trail, where the gnome likes to take his morning constitutional. After a vigorous walk and a quick cappuccino, the gnome heads east, towards Monument Square (following Miami Street).

When he reaches the Square, he crosses the street heading south to stop at his favorite candy shoppe: Carmazzi's Delicatessen & Candy Store. Located on the south-west corner of the Square, it’s a tiny trove of penny-candy treasure. With his little bag of sweets, our gnome friend crosses the street to the east, passing some eateries and specialty shoppes. Continuing around the Square, he crosses Scioto Street to arrive on the north-east quarter of the Square (opposite Carmazzi’s).

Trundling east along Scioto Street, the gnome finds his way to the Bone-a-Fido Bakery. Bone-a-Fido makes delicious healthy snacks for dogs and cats. Both are pets in the gnome’s garden home, so he purchases some select snacks for his furry friends and returns to his trek.

Resuming his course following Scioto Street, he continues until he reaches the next traffic light at the crossing of Kenton Street. On the opposite corner is a Bed & Breakfast. This is home to the gnome. Using the crosswalk, he walks to the far side of the street, then follows the sidewalk down Kenton Street (south) and around behind the Bed & Breakfast to the Garden Gate.

Now, dear traveler, you’ve discovered the gnome’s garden home. Before you enter the gate to find his house there are a few items to discuss:

-Please remember that this is a functioning business and someone’s home. Feel free to wander through the garden, but no further without permission. Enjoy the view, but leave everything as you find it including the flowers.

-If the innkeepers are out and about, introduce yourself and they can point you in the right direction or answer any questions.

-There are a couple dogs (and cats) that call the garden home. They are used to guests coming and going and are very friendly. As with any unfamiliar pet though, be gentle and cautious if you approach them (treats from the Bakery never hurt!). Please no other pets in the garden! Dogs are territorial by nature and foreign animals are usually seen as a threat.

To find the gnome’s home, look for a small statue of one of the gnome’s poiny-hatted brethren next to a large terra cotta flowerpot. Being a polite and helpful gnome, he will leave you a note with instructions if he is away from his post. Enjoy your search!