Jersey Jumper  LbNA # 40436 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerThe Pakrat    
Placed DateMay 30 2008
Location???, NJ
Found By???
Last UpdateJun 27 2012

Due to a landscape improvement project, this box is inaccessible. I was able to find a back way and pulled this box until the work is completed. At that time, the clues will need to be modified, and the box possibly replaced in another nearby location.

“Some things can be done as well as others.” –Sam Patch

Find the span which overlooks the place where the so-called Jersey Jumper made his historic plunge. From the center of the bridge, head off at a bearing of 45 degrees. To your right there is a large boulder and a flagpole. Follow the fence until you reach the other end, and then follow the paved path to your right. From the point where the cobblestones begin, sight 200 degrees and climb a rather steep incline. When you are almost up to the fence, behind a tree are four tiny “caves” in a diamond shape. In the mini-cave at third base, behind some rocks, the box is hidden. There’s a flat-topped boulder nearby that would be a great place to sit while stamping in.

After you’ve found the box, you may want to continue down the path (forking to the right) until you reach the water. Follow the shoreline (best when the tide is low) until you reach a sheer rock face, and then look up. Remember that flagpole? Thought so.

• Bring your own ink; black is suggested.
• Please rehide well.