Catch the Activity Bug - Cricket  LbNA # 40389 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 7 2008
LocationRed Lion, PA
Found By Otis' Friends
Last Found Aug 9 2008
Hike Distance?

The following letterbox is part of the KAZ Kids "Catch the Activity Bug" campaign. It will only be available between June 7th and September 1st, 2008. To participate in the campaign, please pick up your official "Catch the Activity Bug" Field Guide at any York County library. Please remember that all Field Guides must be turned into your local York County library no later than September 12th to qualify for prizes.

This letterbox is located in Windsor Wonderland in Windsor Township. KAZ Kids level of difficulty = 1

1. From the parking lot, walk toward the playground on the brick walkway.
2. Find the “Dauphin Deposit Bank” brick and walk along the outside of the fence to the right.
3. Find a fence plank with “Ashton” on it and continue around the fence.
4. When you turn the corner, find “Love” on a fence plank.
5. Continue to walk around the playground.
6. Enter the playground near the big #1 sign.
7. Walk to the opposite fence, and find an “Alex.”
8. Find the #1 sign again and exit the playground near that sign.
9. Turn toward your left and walk on the trail around the ball fields.
10. Stop at the flag pole and look in the bushes near the bench.