Letterbox in a Box  LbNA # 40271

Placed DateMay 24 2008
CountySanta Clara
LocationLos Altos, CA
Planted Bydenidragonfly    
Found By TimberToo
Last Found Jan 1 2010
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Letterbox in a Box

While exploring downtown Los Altos, find the small unnamed park at the intersection of N. San Antonio Rd and W. Edith Ave. If you have driven, you can pull into the small cut out on W. Edith Ave to park. Wander to the front of the park and check out the "Olympic Wannabes" statue. Follow the dirt path to the rear of the park and have a seat on the bench "In Memory Of Albert and Leonie Uhalde". The bench is a dedication from their loving sons. When you get up to leave, notice the shade tree behind the bench. In the ground cover behind the tree, you will find the prize you have come looking for.

Thanks for visiting my first letterbox, and thanks to "Patroln" (my big sis) for carving the stamp for me.