Seminary Hill Nature Reserve  LbNA # 4021 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 24 2003
LocationCentralia, WA
Found By Judy
Last Found Aug 30 2006
Hike Distance?


Box Name: Seminary Hill Natural Reserve
Nearest Town: Centralia, WA
County: Lewis
Placed: 3-24-03
Placed By: Fudrick
Clues: Not too bad
Trek: Hilly

The Seminary Hill Natural Reserve is a very nice park on a hillside overlooking Chehalis. Directions and useful clues are available from dvn2r ckr, rnrB, and trkr’s information on their fine boxes in this park. There is an engraved stone map on the right when you cross the culvert, it may be of use.

You may note that their clues do not mention the word ‘steep’ in them. This is important to remember. I got to a ‘junction of sorts’. The uphill trail went straight up the bank, then less-straight up from there. The downhill trail went straight downhill until it reached the bottom. Forgetting the clues and the deliberate omission of the word ‘steep’, I decided that this was the ‘right’ ’junction of sorts’, so I went up the hill. Up being the operative word on this trail. As dvn2r ckr pointed out, I did miss the items listed in her clues, another reminder to pay attention.

I did find a good location to hid the Chafing Dish, something Sylvestre could use to cook his favorite dish, Tweet Pie.

To save you the anguish of going up the hill, I will provide two sets of directions to this fine letterbox.

A - Steep option, the way I went:

Starting from the wrong junction of sorts, head up the hill. You will step over a log. You will duck under a log. You will step over a log. Look to your left, you will spot a log that isn’t long enough that you have to go over it. As you walk toward it, look under the near right hand corner. You should then continue on, even though the trail looks like it isn’t there (and it probably isn’t). You will shortly come to a real path, head left to the concrete pipe.

B - Not so steep option, much better:

After Tweet you will head off to look for Sylvestre. You will arrive at the infamous concrete pipe. Head back the way you came. You will pass a rootwad of a fallen tree on your left, and see a large tree on your right, a ways off the trail. This is at about 70 steps (dvn2r ckr says 60, trkr say 'Way Too Many'). Just beyond the upright roots on the left, look to the right. Between the trees you will see a large tree that has laid down to rest. This is the second log that you would have stepped over in the steep route.

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.