Camper's Paradise  LbNA # 40179

Placed DateMay 25 2008
LocationBlue Rock, OH
Planted Byridge runners    
Found By k&S express
Last Found Mar 13 2016
Hike Distance?

This letterbox box is located at Blue Rock State Park.

CLUES: From the deck at the beach house, look for the bridge that crosses the spillway. Go across the bridge on to the dam to Hollow Rock Nature Trail. Go left and follow the trail passed the hanging rock then across the wooden bridge. After crossing the bridge turn up the hill to Deer Nature Trail. Go pass the second fallen large tree across the creek. Go up the steps. Stop at the scared beach tree, take a compass reading of 60 degrees to the second scared beach tree, take a reading of 70 degrees to the third scared beach tree. You will find your letterbox in the roots of the tree. Now stop and listen to the peacefulness.