Crash Bash  LbNA # 40173

Placed DateMay 24 2008
LocationVerona Rd, Marshall, MI
Planted ByLetterBoxFan08    
Found By Mamanator
Last Found Feb 25 2011
Hike Distance?

Location: Grevers Nature Center (Verona Rd. Between Marshall and Battle Creek)
Grever's Nature center is appoximately 90 acres in size and was donated to the Marshall public schools by Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Grevers. Mr. Grevers purchased the land in 1941 and raised perennial flowers for resale on some of the land and planted seedling pine trees on the more hilly portions. Mr. Grevers maintained over six miles of trails through the acreage, and all areas except the narrow strip of swamp land at the north end are accessible by trail.

When you enter the parking lot from Verona Rd. you will see the Grever's Nature Center sign located straight ahead, from the word Grever's you will need one of the letters to help spell out the object in which the letterbox is hidden under. Clue: There are 2 sets of the same letters in this word but you only need one of them. In the word nature you will need the second letter to help spell out the object and in the word Center you will use the first letter. This should spell out a three letter word.
Once you figure out the word, you will take the main trail to the right from the parking lot, proceed forward on the trail, soon you will see a wooden post on your left with the #5 highlighted in yellow. Continue until you come to a Y, it is up to you to go the right way. Proceed until you reach a top of a hill turn right once you reach the top. You will soon see another wooden post marked #7. Soon you will come to another Y, you will need to proceed downhill, you will come to a pond with a black duck house on your right. There will soon be another Y, vere right, the trail bends. Continue on until you reach another Y, go right toward the bench, have a seat and take a rest, after your rest continue going on the trail and up the hill, proceeding west, when you come to a T go left (SOUTH) you will soon come to another pond. Once you reach another Y, vere right, you will soon see another wooden post marked #8, continue down the trail and you will see a pond on the right side of you. Farther down the trail you should come to the object in which the letterbox is hidden under,(left rear of object) if you get to a hill you have gone too far. Have fun and don't forget to sign the log book and stamp it with your stamp.