Lowes Creek Park #2  LbNA # 40163

Placed DateMay 24 2008
CountyEau Claire
LocationEau Claire, WI
Planted ByHitch Hikers    
Found By Chamile Leon
Last Found Nov 16 2013
Hike Distance?

This is a continuation of the Lowes Creek Park letterbox. Please do the other one first as this one starts where that one ends. Finding the first box takes approximately 20 minutes, all three will probably take close to an hour.

After finding the first box, go back to the trail and keep following it. The Eagle trail will come to an end at the edge of the woods, where you will take a right. Go a short distance and enter the Bender Trail to your left.

Follow the Bender Trail a good distance. You will pass between two trees that are close together and have a small hill between them. Just past the two trees, the trail will take a 180 degree turn. The trail then goes over some logs, where box #2 is hidden.

Keep going on this trail for box #3. Once Bender ends, take a left and follow this trail to stop #10. There is an open field between Bender and #10 where we have seen quite a few deer. At #10, take a right and follow this main trail. At #9 take a left to #8. Once you're at #8, find the shorter of the two standing, broken trees behind the bench and you will find the third and final box.

Once you find the last box, you can take the path down the hill and you will find yourself where you started.

**Because of the location and the many bikers and walkers, we ask that you be discrete and hide the box well after you find it. This box will also likely be hard to find in the winter with snow cover. $3.00 parking fee is required at all Eau Claire county parks**