Kellogg Biological Station (Annex)  LbNA # 40161

Placed DateMay 22 2008
LocationRichland, MI
Found By SunDawg
Last Found Nov 6 2010
Hike Distance?

To get there: there is a good map to print at and directions-local area. From the traffic signal in the heart of Richland (M-89 & M-43), take M-89 East to 40th St., North on 40th to B Ave. West on B to Gull Lake Dr. Right onto Gull Lake Dr. Entrance to KBS/Manor House will be on your left.
W.K. Kellogg, founder of Kellogg's cereal owned a summer home on Gull Lake and roughly 4,000 acres in the surrounding area. All of the property has since been granted to MSU, which operates several experimental, educational areas and visitors' centers on the property, one of which is the Kellogg Biological Station/Manor House.
The Manor House is a registered Historical Landmark. It was completely restored in 2000. Guided tours are available. It can also be reserved for wedding receptions, corporate retreats, etc. The grounds are open to the public to wander around - UNLESS there is a scheduled event. You can park and inquire at the commissary or you can use your own good judgment...if you arrive to find a line of limos and a lot of people in formal wear...probably NOT a good idea to get out and wander around.
The home and grounds were beautifully restored in 2000. Most of the woody ornamentals were planted at that time. The clay tile roof was restored by the same company that placed the original. The tiles were cast in the same molds as the original. This is a great tour and the grounds are beautiful, even as a drive-thru.
The letterbox you seek is actually located at the Succession Planting on B Ave. As you leave Manor House, turn right onto Gull Lake Dr., then left onto B Ave. The drive for the Succession Planting is on your right. As you pull into the drive, the beginning of the path is straight ahead. This is just one of the educational opportunites, donated by W.K. Kellogg, enacted by MSU,lots of WOW!
"Self-guided tour", Grassy path, easy walk, 30 mins. to 1 hour, lots of signage to read, TAKE NOTE OF SURROUNDINGS! Great dog walk. Ample parking, NO AMENITIES! May be some poison ivy....(?)
Begin at the beginning, follow the trail, read every sign. When you get to Ocho Bravo, look straight out into the woods. See a large tree with bark darker than the rest. Head into the woods towards that. To the left of it, see what appears to be a large fallen tree. Look for its stump to find it is really just a part of a huge tree that is still standing. The letterbox is at the base of the part that has fallen. After stamping, continue on the path, reading signs along the way to find BB and your car.