Kellogg Forest  LbNA # 40153

Placed DateMay 22 2008
LocationRichland, MI
Last Found Jun 14 2012
Hike Distance?

To get there: There is a good map to print at - maps & directions - local area.
From the traffic signal in the heart of Richland (M-89 & M-43 intersection) take M-89 East to 42nd St. South on 42nd St. about one mile. Entrance to Forest on left. Ample parking, restrooms at main building as well as Tree ID Map and Basic Trail Map available.
Kellogg Experimental Forest is 716 acres, once owned by W.K. Kellogg, founder of Kellogg's Cereals. The land has been granted to MSU and is managed by its Forestry Dept.
Clues: Cross a foot bridge, then through the Covered Bridge to find the Lemmien Loop. One Way is the Right Way. On your right, watch for a broken sign on a tree identifying it with its botanical name as Populus grandidentata. That would commonly be known as Big Tooth Aspen. Just behind it you can see a tree labled American Hornbeam. Carpinus caroliniana to its Botanical friends. Take a right off the Lemmien Loop. Notice the woodland natives along the way. Left at the Y, Right at the 4-Way. Turn Left at the pile of man-mades. Blue dot tree means you missed the turn. Observe long logs on left, fenced area on right. At gate, on right, look in to fenced area. What do you see? Back to trail, hop over fallen pine, turn right. Read sign. Hunh! :)
Follow Lemmien Loop main trail (now a sandy path) Forward into open area past a planting of pines not doing so well. Continue on the trail. There's a sign on the right defining Silviculture. Take the next trail to the right and up. There's a resting place at the top. Hop over it. Look for the hollow stump beyond the big stump. There you will find the letterbox. To get back to your car, follow the top trail to the third left or go back to the Main Trail and take the second left.