San Jacinto's Sun  LbNA # 40097

Placed DateAug 15 2007
LocationPalm Springs, CA
Planted Byadamsfamily    
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Go up the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway to the San Jacinto wilderness area. Head down the paved trail going out the back of the lodge building. At the bottom of the paved area go left to take the Nature Loop Trail (3/4 mile loop trail). Go clockwise around the loop - so straight at the first junction. When you get to the 2nd junction, going right continues the Nature Loop Trail and going straight takes you on the longer Long View Loop Trail. Stand at this junction and and look north up the hill. There is a very big old tree with no bark that is burned hollow on the backside. Go up to this tree (about 30 feet from the junction). Go to the back of the tree and you will see it is hollow. Look to the bottom right (facing the back of the tree) and there are 2 large boulders. The box is under the bolder closest to the tree. You will need to remove some smaller rocks and debris to get to it.

You can then go back to the junction and continue on the longer Long View Loop Trail or the shorter Nature Loop Trail to get back to the lodge. Happy Hiking!