Keep Celebrating  LbNA # 40041 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 22 2008
LocationFederal Way, WA
Planted ByArrowinWA    
Found By Yost Crew
Last Found Jun 19 2008
Hike Distance?

This set of boxes was placed while a group of "Keepers" girls was learning about letterboxing.
Go to Clebration Park and park near the playground. At the far (from main road) end of the fence when the fence stops, bear right and walk on the path along the edge of the parking lot. Pass a frog, turtle, owl, hand, and foot on your left and then take a left. Continue past a ball and a bat (on your left).
1) Go straight (not right) when the path turns to gravel.
2) Pause at the bench if you like, then continue as the path veers left and becomes narrow.
3) The Narrow Way leads to a Bridge. Cross it.
4) Soon after the bridge you will come to a decision point. make the Right Decision.
5) Pause again if you like for a rest, then immediately choose right again.
6) Eventually, on your left you'll see a small clearing in the woods through an opening in the bushes. Climb over the bramble to enter the clearing. On the right is a large tree with a big root that looks like a knee. Past the knee is an opening just above the ground below many small branches sticking out. In this opening and behind a piece of bark is box 1.
7) Return to the path and continue in the direction you were heading. After about 35 (adult) paces you will come to a direction post (on the left). Go in the direction the hiker is facing.
8) Look for a small side path on the right. You may see a couple even smaller paths before you get to it, but this one is more obvious - the gravel from the path goes out to it just a bit at the start of it. Follow the side trail between the bushes and over a fallen tree. Step over a tree threshold and to your right you'll see the roots of a moss-covered decomposing fallen tree. Under these roots, on the far right side of them, and behind a piece of rotting tree wood is box 2.
9) Continue on your course. At the next direction post do not head to a numbered byway but towards an area for non-firm spheres.
10) Follow the trail watching for holly and rabbits. Make the right choice when you get the opportunity.
11) Another quick right decision will take you back to the long bridge. Cross it and you will see the parking lot across the field.

Remember to re-cover boxes.