Fleeing the Tide  LbNA # 39950 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 20 2008
CountyGrays Harbor
LocationPacific Beach, WA
Planted ByPollywantaletterbox    
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Fleeing the Tide

Start at the Pacific Beach kite shop from which you can see a stone restaurant, and a grocery store is right across the street.

Sitting on the sill of the Kite Shop window, the wheels in my little crab brain started turning. "What if I could sit on one of these kites while it was flying and soar above the Ocean?" Then I remember that if the wind stopped blowing, I would crash and I fall into the sea. I winced at the thought of becoming a Seagull's dinner. "Okay we can cross out that 'genius' idea." I jumped off the store window sill, or rather fell off. Hey you can't blame me for being a clumsy crab with tiny legs and a big body!
I continued to crawl down the side walk, scrambling here and there, trying to avoid being stepped on by passer-byers. I turned the corner and stopped when I reached the Surf Espresso Coffee shop.
"Hey I could use a Frappicino." Hey I know crabs normally don't drink frappacinos unless they are hit on the head, but I assure you that I wasn't hit on the head with a rock. I am an unusual crab. I like human foods. That's why I was kicked out of Crabbyville. I wonder why everyone in Crabbyville was always so cranky. Do you have any idea? If you do, let me know.
Anyways, images of ice cold frappacinos were going through my head, when I heard a voice and looked up. Towering above me was a little boy with his foot raised as if to squash me. "Mommy, can I squish the little Crabbie?" "Of course not, Timmy. Leave the poor creature alone," said his mother pulling him away. "But, mommy!" I hid under rock on the edge of the side walk until the boy passed. I crawled out from under the rock, and for some reason I lost my appetite for a frappacino, so I continued down the sidewalk.
I passed the Sand Dollar Inn, and followed the road to the Pacific Beach State Park. I wandered around the campground until I found a blue sign that said, 'Wheelchair and foot traffic only' and crawled down the ramp to the sand. After playing for a couple hours, the sky began to darken as the Mighty beast swallowed up the sun. I heard him roar and he was foaming at the mouth as chased me, his arms reaching and reaching, trying to swallow me up. As quickly as my little crab legs could carry me, I ran to the rocks, my favorite place to hide, and sought refuge until the night has disappeared. To seek me count my legs and find that number behind me. Also I can see three waving flags positioned to stand behind my hiding place, under a grassy waterfall of green and tan. And there I wait until the morning dawn.

Please return the 'Crab' back to his home. (In the exact same spot you found it)
Please email me at ciaobella4@comcast.net and tell me if you found the 'Crab and if he is alive and well. Thank you!