Cairo Series  LbNA # 3987 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 8 2003
LocationCairo, WV
Found By R
Last Found Jul 17 2009
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Everyone who has a chance to should visit the town of Cairo, West Virginia, at least once. It was once an elegant oil town, and much later it was once a town where toy marbles were made. Now it is a tiny town surrounded by beautiful hills where everything smells good and where life goes on for the 290 or so people who live there.

To get to Cairo take West Virginia U.S. Highway 50, west 68 miles from Clarksburg or east 30 miles from Parkersburg. From either direction take State Route 31 south to Cairo, and travel four miles slowly on a beautiful winding country road, cross a green steel bridge and find yourself in the town of Cairo on Main Street.


One of the first things you'll see on Main Street, cornered by McGregor, is R. C. Marshall's Hardware and General Mercantile Store. It is a hardware store, but it is also much much more- I think it's the best store in the universe, and I don't even like hardware. If you go inside you will notice that there is a second room of merchandise off to the right. In there, near the front window is a bookcase filled with books for sale. If you sit in the chair near these books and reach under a bookshelf, you will find a film canister tucked inside a cardboard box. You can stamp in quietly sitting in the chair and pretending to peruse books. And buy some stuff before you leave.


Across Main Street from Marshall's and to your left on the corner is A Gallery Called Made in West Virginia. All sorts of West Virginia-made wonders are for sale here- quilts and art glass and wonderful toys and much more. And tucked underneath the building- a letterbox! If you walk around the corner of the gallery, stepping very carefully on the slope of the riverbank, you can find yourself underneath the gallery. Several open cinderblocks at ground level are part of the structure- if you remove a piece of concrete blocking the hole in the first of these cinderblocks, you will find the letterbox.


Climb back up the bank and just a little farther down Main Street, and you will see a bridge that is part of the Rails to Trails bike trail. Cross this bridge that was once crossed by roaring trains, and proceed along the trail and across a dirt road until you come to a post that tells you that motor vehicles are prohibited. At the foot of this post, under a piece of concrete is the Bicycle Box.

(Stamp design by Balthazar, planted by Glass Whizmo, Mike, and Jugglermouse)

This is about three miles from the bridge- you may want to drive to this one if you're short on time, but it would also be a great walk. From the bridge, if you pass the road on your right leading up a steep hill, and make the very NEXT right, it will lead you to Silver Run Road. Follow this beautiful road for about three miles, and come to a point where the road crosses the old Railroad route, or Rails to Trails path. There is a signal switch post remaining here, and the road comes to a "T". At this "T" turn left and up Tunnel Hill. Once on top and to your right is the old Catholic Cemetery, which is in somewhat disheveled condition, but a great and wild resting place.

Climb the eight wooden steps, and proceed straight ahead 23 paces. Off to your left is the final resting place of Theobold Brenen. I do not know who he was in life, but near his stone and under a very small amount of topsoil, lies the final box, for now, in the Cairo Series.